Feb 11, 2012


they say nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
but they never had new york pizza.
or allene's home-cookin' ...

after we got married i managed to pack on 15 pounds. (yes, 15. and even though i've managed to delete 99% of all the unflattering photos of our first year of marriage, there's proof.) i spent the next two years of our marriage losing 13 of said pounds.

behold plumpelstiltskin.  
december 2009, +15 pounds

but since we've returned to the land of cars and carbs (read: america) my waistline is on the up and up, while my self discipline is on a steady decline. just this week i enjoyed the greasy delights of venezuelan arepas, gorged on a chicken tikka buffet, ordered pizza (twice- UGH!) and stayed up too late watching food network which turned into staying up too late eating pancakes. (damn you "diners, drive-ins and dives.")

and despite the fact there is a free gym at work, at the end of the day i just want to get started on my 45-minute drive home ...

so this is a very public plea for help. if you have any secrets of motivation, now would be the time to share them.


Alissa said...

Ryan entered a competition at work where they have to work out 45 minutes a day 4x a week. The buy is was $400. He has not missed a day.

Christina C said...

Zumba class! Very fun and burns 600 calories an hour. Or P90X...because you can do that at home.

Laura said...

Read the book, "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall. It was what inspired me to get into running. The weight loss...that was inspired by turning 40.

Angie said...

I second the Born to Run comment! Reading it made me super motivated to get out and go running!

Forgive the creeper comment, by the way. We have mutual friends and I stopped by your blog because I have a friend who's possibly moving to CT and I remembered hearing that you and Erica were originally from there. I gave her your url, hope you don't mind.