Feb 10, 2012

better late than never...

between instagram, pinterest and a full-time employment i'm having a hard time keeping up with dear life. what's new:

  • matt landed his dream job.
  • we signed on an amazing apartment that's not in manhattan. 
  • which means we'll be living part time at the W Hotel at Union Square. (good thing i get a discount) 
  • i'm traveling to china, australia and panama ... next month. 
  • and i'm back in the decorating saddle, dreaming of tufted upholstery and campaign furniture. 
these colors:

this art:

this sofa: 


E.F.G. said...

That sofa is gorgeous. Maybe you should buy it as a gift for Matt. I'm sure he'd love it.

rubi said...

come decorate my place.