Feb 20, 2012


we're having to make real life decisions these days.
and even though i agreed to marriage, it's become quickly evident, i still have commitment issues. COUCHES ARE A BIG DEAL. (and a lot of dollars)

we've heard leather is the way to go with babies. (and we'll have one someday).

would you rather have your today husband and someday baby sit on this couch:

or this one:

or no leather at all?



E.F.G. said...

i'm so glad you're blogging around. i prefer the top couch but love 'em both.

i'll come sit on whatever you pick.

Shannon said...

I'd def say leather with babies... Can't tell you how many times I've wiped spit up or milk easily off ours! they're both gorgeous.

Teri said...

I agree w/ E.F.G.

kristin said...

I don't like the midget arms on the top couch, but I don't think the bottom arms would be too comfortable either.

kristin said...

Both are pretty though.

Marci Joy said...


Amanda said...

LEATHER. totally. we're saving up our pennies for a leather goodie.

i like the chesterfield..but will it be as comfortable as the one above? but i wonder if you sat on the one above you would fall between cushions. they look so fluffy.

i love them both though. couldn't go wrong.

nerak said...

the bottom one is gorgeous to look at, but i'd definitely rather sit on the top one. i'm a sucker for deep couches. (think slouch couch!)