Jan 1, 2012

new years: resolutions

have you heard people say that whatever you're doing at midnight on new year's is indicative of the year you'll have? after 10 hours of traveling x-country, we unpacked our suitcases, organized our closets, and cuddled up at midnight to talk about the wonderful week we had in washington. after a year in london and our recent escapades, i see a lot of quiet nights at home in our future. (hopefully with organized closets - which segues quite nicely into my resolutions..)

1. hang up my clothes
i've struggled with this one since 1997, but 2012 is my year.

2. NO MORE diet coke. 
except on seldom occassions when a cheeseburger requires it. i hear the carbonation is terrible for your skin, and at 28, i'll do anything to rid myself of adult acne.

3. be really good at my job. 
i start on tuesday - it's an amazing role with starwood hotels, and i'm 110% committed to being awesome at it. (which includes getting over my hatred for airplanes, since i just found out we'll be three weeks shooting in australia)

4. write more letters.
so send me your address.

5. be a better friend.
(which includes wife, daughter, sister etc)

6. finish my DIY projects 
like the henredon dresser in my basement. which reminds me of the jewelry stand above. i've been searching for something functional to hold my jewelry that looks more like a decor element in our room. was thrilled when i came across this coral idea on pinterest, but needed something bigger. thanks to amazon.com i have a 20'' piece of staghorn coral to display my jewels.

and a host of other personal goals. (like win wills back from kate...)

what are you resolved to accomplish this year?


nerak said...

No more diet coke? My heart hurts for you already.

And Australia? Are you kidding me? We need to discuss this asap. Amazeballs!

Shannon Lybbert Low said...

I'm going to start sewing again...for myself...I can't find ANY dresses or skirts that I like so I'm going to make them.

Laura said...

I am worried about what I was doing at midnight indicating what my year will be like. I was asleep. And although I dearly love sleeping...I can't sleep my way through 2012!

Us Three and Daisy B said...

Hope your new job turns out to be wonderful for you! Happy New Year and can't wait to hear what you are doing with the hotel world...since that is where I came from before here. :) Best of luck to you.

robyn said...

oooh, i've never heard that about carbonation. i don't think i can give up my soda... but i should be like you and try. can't wait to see your DYI projects unfold! and hey! since when did i get deleted off your blog roll?! (...crying)