Jan 6, 2012

if people were more like me...

  • there would be more car accidents. (my driving skills have been on a steady decline) 
  • we'd make more trees into tissues. my eyes leak a lot. 
  • we'd look like skittles. i'm really into bright colors lately. 
  • no one would ever be wrong. (this is actually a very bad habit)
  • we would always have the best of intentions. (execution is a different story.)
  • no one would ever pay full price. it's a mantra i stick to. 
  • there would be no need for hangers. clothing in large piles will do. 
  • parents' homes would be OVERFLOWING with their children, and their children's husband, and their children's children...
  • wasabi wouldn't need to exist. seriously, why?
  • emotion would always win out over logic. 
  • baby blankets would actually be called lifetime blankets. 


kristin said...

I'm like you. I'm snuggled up in my 'lifetime' blanket right this minute.

corrine said...

i love this.

Kathryn said...

You are hilarious...I miss you!

Catherine said...

Haha... i totally relate to the last two. For better or worse.