Jan 1, 2012

twenty eight

this handsome fellow turned 28 over the holiday.
to celebrate him just a little more, here are 28 things you may not know about matt.

he's NOT a morning person.
he loves junk - hot tamales, sweet tarts, frosting, gushers ...
his default speed is sprint.
he randomly breaks into song, frequently!
he's a real good sport.
he's become quite the DIYer.
he likes gossip girl (but also cross fit).
he's a master of accents.
he's a really good driver. like really really good.
he isn't the most patient.
do not call him baby cakes.
he calls it like he sees it. not a lot of lip service here.
and gives VERY sincere compliments. 
he tumbles.
he's world's greatest internet searcher.
he LOVES christmas.
he could be sponsored he skis so well.
he falas portuguese and hablas espanol.
he can jump flat footed from the floor to the counter top. 
he is ten days younger than i am.
he thought paul simon was one of the beatles (he likes both bands).
even though he's handsome, smart and has a great job he has NO EGO.
he once got lost hiking in the mountains with friends.
he's a regular domestic goddess - does laundry, scrubs bathrooms and babysits. 
he loves plaid shirts and currently owns 12+
he'll love anything you cook for him.
he used to hate dogs and now he kind of likes them - and LOVES luci cat.
he keeps secrets.
his middle name is T (just the initial!)
he has to sleep with a body pillow, ear plugs and contour neck pillow.
he's the best friend i've ever had.

mark your calendars for 2013. we're throwing a dual 30th.


nerak said...

you are REALLY good at lists.

and matt seems to be pretty great at life.

you two = adorbs.

emilyhutchison said...

-he can jump flat footed from the floor to the counter top.
This blew my mind, please record it and post it on your blog. I literally can't imagine this is possible.

Elle Keeps Moving said...

i love this. i'm going to steal this idea for jared's b'day next month. not verbatim. because that would be weird.

Kathryn said...

I want to come to the BIG 30 bash!!
Love you both!