Dec 6, 2011

they did it.

dear californians,

i guess you're not entirely wrong. california is kind of a great place. i love IN N OUT. i love sunshine. i love the beach. and the relaxed attitudes. i love good food. specially mexican. i love charming tree-lined streets. and fresh produce.

i don't love volcom. or traffic. i could live without the sweet bro culture. and botox.

but on the whole, we had a FABULOUS weekend.
and these 2 made it official.

and i found an outfit i didn't hate*.
and this guy gave an amazing best man's toast.

matt's extended family came out in force - as always - to support the newly weds.
and we all had a wonderful time.

so californians, i'll be back.


* if you're on the market for a modest dress, this was a great option from dessy.  i had to have some alterations to make it work. think it might work best for the one-size-all-over-slightly-more-busty types - wasn't quite right off the rack for a flat pear shape!


E.F.G. said...

your outfit and the wedding festivities look perfect. really.

Us Three and Daisy B said...

as usual, you look absolutely stunning! hope you have a great holiday season!

Laura said...

Loved seeing you and you did look stunning.

Katie said...

Skinny mini! You look great in that dress.

And as a native Californian, I totally agree with the Volcom/traffic/botox comment... made me laugh.

Marci Joy said...

You look gorgeous!

Camille said...

Where in the world did you get that cutest necklace I've ever seen?

Kathryn said...

You look amazing!