Nov 29, 2011

red pants.

i'm in a fashion rut lately.

if you could only see me now, in this very moment.
i went to bed with my hair wet. (think finger in a socket).
i'm wearing matt's sweatpants. (think baggy and ill fitting, but oh so comfy)
i'm allowing my skin to breath. (read - not a DROP of makeup for days)

if i ever emerge from it, i'd like to look like this:

because she is beautiful.
and has on red pants.

in an attempt to pull myself out of it, i've purchased leather leggings and was gifted a KILLER fur vest. or maybe that was an attempt to look like a jersey house wife ...


The Castletons said...

I want me a pair of red pants. Target has some skinny red pants right now that have been catching my eye lately. Maybe I'll have to make a fashion investment :) Or write a letter to the big guy in the red suit...

Stephanie said...

I am a day away from sweatpants and matted hair... heaven help me.