Nov 12, 2011

[a list] bad habits

i have a real hard time hanging up my clothes.
and sometimes it is WAY too easy for me to fall asleep.
i like to eat EVERY. LAST. MORSEL on my plate.
i exaggerate (only a teensy weensy bit).
i'm the daughter of a sailor - and sometimes have the mouth to prove it.
i don't really understand "no."
because of the movie IT, i'm scared to flush the toilet at night.
i get excited and i interrupt.
i only put things back in their place about 50% of the time.
i talk too much about calories. and eat too many of them. it's a real bad cycle.
i don't really like to be alone. ever.
diet coke. (but never for breakfast).
i randomly break into song without realizing it. frequently.
i'm sarcastic. (which is always light hearted but not always well received)
i collect face washes. hoping one of them will be the magic cure.
i rarely have my cell phone on, charged, or with me.
i can't just let someone be mad.
i think i'm right 99% of the time. and i'm not.
i tend to err on the bossy side.
i have expectations that i don't even know i have, until they are not met.
i like online shopping WAY too much.
my creative vision exceeds my actual skill set. (i.e. toga disaster, mcguire chair disaster, etc etc etc)


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call those bad habits..but qualities that make you who you are..I totally get excited about too many things and interrupt ppl all too much...and I am sarcastatic 99% of time and I love it...but other ppl..not so much..ha..but you can't change who you have good intentions and you care about ppl..thats all that matters..and since I went back to school, when I get a good grade on a test..I use that as an excuse to eat more food..dbl aren't me on that..

Kristen said...

I agree with the previous comment, that is what makes you so endearing to the rest of us so hold to most of those :).

Hannah said...

Wow Noelle, this is very similar to every single one of my bad habits. Except I do straight up Coke-- in of its sugary-empty-calorie-filled goodness.

Whitney said...

I share nearly all of these bad habits except as proven by my eternal size 12 I never count calories. XO self awareness is good but I find all those things about you rather charming....

Marci Joy said...

I like your bad habits.