Nov 10, 2011


dear senses of style: 


i think i mentioned jake (matt's brother) is marrying mississippi's sweetest girl (aubry) in a few weeks.  they're beautiful. and we are thrilled.

[kylie nixon took these gorgeous photos. 
if your'e in utah, you should have her take yours!]

the littlest lybbert also happens to be a knock out, and my MIL could pass as kelly rippa. this grouping of gorgeous has me sweating the family wedding photos.  i just need to blend in, but that's a high bar. so, i need your help. 

here's what i've got so far - a great charcoal dress and a statement necklace. but it might be cold. and i might need earrings. and i have no idea what to do for shoes (can i get away with flats, i really don't want to be six foot). i need somewhere to stick a lip gloss.  

i have NO IDEA what makeup to wear. and i'm confident i won't know how to put on whatever you suggest. but i'd appreciate it anyway: pink lips? smokey eyes? bronzes?

and yes, i realize these are superficial first-world problems. but it's a superficial first-world problem that will be hanging on the wall for a long time... 


Us Three and Daisy B said...

I have no doubt in my mind that you, the Fashionista, will look stunning. You have style, class and will look great! Gorgeous dress and necklace. Go for the smokey eyes and just enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

the dress and necklace are a minimal eye with a red lip and instead of standard blush use a highlighter to make it look like ur are gorgeous anyways..just enjoy the celebration

angelique said...

if you want to wear earrings but want to keep them simple b/c the necklace is a lot of jewelry, I've always thought pearl studs are clssic (or maybe large silver ball studs if the necklace is silver, the photo is a little confusing)

Jen said...

If it was me, I would probably wear my Old Navy Capris and my USU hooded're probably going to go another direction, I understand. Luckily, you are a GENIUS when it comes to being a fashionable knock out in any situation!

Marci Joy said...

You always look incredible! I say - a kitten heel shoe changes the shape of a leg w/o too much height. May not need earrings if you're doing statement necklace and a dramatic eye.

You will look fabulous!