Nov 15, 2011

Thank You Pinterest

Pinterest, thank you for:

organizing my wish list.
putting all things decor at my fingertips.
for making me laugh. 
providing amazing dinner recipes.
and even better dessert ones.
for making dinner parties so easy to plan. 
and giving me the confidence to buy leather pants.

you're pinteresting and simply pinspirational.

[are you on pinterest? let me know so i can follow you! what have you found?] 


corrine said...

pinspiration. i love it.

Laura said...

I was loving on Pinterest too until Megan's account got hacked by a chick (maybe) with an obsession with porn. Couldn't get rid of those pins to save our lives. Tried everything! Finally had to get rid of her entire account. Now I am a little paranoid.

Shea McGee said...

i need a pintervention.