Aug 25, 2011

five years

it's been five years since i pulled this little darling from a box in american fork labeled "free."  she (he) still cuddles with me every morning in bed and smothers me with smooshes* and i just love it.

someone else just loves luci cat too...
her favorite thing to do at grandma's house are:
chase luci cat.
feed luci cat. (cat food, ham)
try to feed luci cat. (cheerios, banana) 
hug luci cat.
talk loudly in luci cat's face. 
and this...

in other news:
  • ashley sent this to me today.
    she gets me.

  • i started a DIY project, which i've named DDIY, as in DON'T Do It Yourself. don't believe the bloggers or the itty bitty directions on the back of the can. stripping furniture of old paint is a monumental job. i'm 15+ hours in on ONE CHAIR and nowhere near done. (but i can't bring myself to throw it away) 
  • many more job interviews. same number of job(s).
  • been road biking through the bestchester. many miles. no more accidents. 
(smoosh: when luci cat walks up your stomach lays down on top of your lungs and rubs his face into yours very very gently) 


    Marci Joy said...

    Ohhhhh! What a doll.

    E.F.G. said...

    don't forget... kiss luci's back

    one day your bamboo chairs are going to be gorgeous. not soon but one day. and every time i plop down in one, an imagine of you filling the garage with chair scrapings will come to mind.