Apr 28, 2010

bamboo chairs

bamboo chairs are popping up everywhere these days.
design sponge.
1st dibs.
house beautiful.
elle decor.
lonny mag.

and i was smitten.
but husband refused me more chairs (and rightfully so- there are 2 of us and we currently own 13). i just happened to quite like chairs.

there is nothing more satisfying than snagging an amazing deal on KSL.
somehow, it's better than shopping. it's better than gnocchi. it might even be better than sleeping.

and yesterday i snagged something AMAZING.
the DIY of a lifetime.

perhaps you've heard of the fine furniture retailer mcguire?
no matter.
all you need to know is that yesterday i snagged 4 of these beauties

[retailing for $1,795 EACH. which means 4 would cost me $7,180]

i paid a grand total of $80.

dear ksl gods,
you've smiled upon me and i will forever remember your goodness and kindness.
long live ksl.

with adoration and love,
the addict


Shea McGee said...


bamboo floor said...

I hope bamboo product like this will become more popular so many people will use it and we can at least save the hard wood tree from being cut through the forest as which can help on reducing the global warming beside the beauty of it.