Aug 26, 2011

come on irene.

in the 27 years of my life (20 of which were spent living in or around New York City) and numerous fear filling forecasts there has never been an actual hurricane. certainly not one that merited widespread panic, hour-long grocery lines and endless news casts.

the one-two punch of the earthquake and hurricane has the tri-state area preaching doom and gloom. (though earthquake is a term i use loosely). driving in midtown today i saw countless people standing together with ominous faces looking up at a cloudy sky. is this the beginning of the end? 

i love drama as much as the next diva. but really, spare me sam champion

i may eat these words but here's my accu-weather forecast:
  • the carolinas get slammed. they always do. 
  • d.c. gets a tropical storm .
  • new yorkers are disappointed by the wild thunderstorm that knocks down a few trees, stirs up some dust and fills the storm grates with rushing water
  • the power goes out. and depending on how densely trees grow in your part of town, it might be for longer than you'd like.
  • then the news spends the next few days interviewing people about their harrowing survival tales: life without wifi and cable, no taxis in sight in the most torrential of downpours, the water damage at their hamptons summer home or having their favorite eateries closed up when they needed some culinary comfort the most. 
come on, irene. i'm weathering this one in westchester.


Jana said...

sam champion. oh that orangey glow tan. miss him.

Christina and Ryan said...

I agree. I'm not convinced it's going to be as bad as everyone says. We'll probably be playing board games by candlelight with no air flow but that's not so bad. Plus church was canceled.

Becky said...

ha, you are spot on!

Anonymous said...

Irene left my Pville home and me in the dark till yesterday afternoon...with that being said..I was lucky..I drove down streets and was instantly taken to a movie I once watched about Hurricane Katrina. Some streets were under that much water. Whether you made it out unscathed...some people weren't so lucky.