Jul 7, 2011


  • i've been eating absurd amounts of fruits and veggies. take yesterday for example - a banana, avocado, 3 peaches, an apple, bowl of cherry tomatoes, and a pear.  and i kind of love it. produce in london is amazeballs. unfortunately, i'm way behind in my cherry consumption. last year at this time, i'd consumed about 40 pounds of cherries. this year, i'm at about 10. 
  • we've been walking a lot. we walk to dinner (4 miles) we walk to chelsea and back (8 miles) we walk to a movie (2 miles). 
  • the combination of bullets 1 and 2 have shed a few pounds. in 2 years i've lost 10 of the 12 i gained our FIRST year in new york.  when they said put beans in a jar and you'll never get them all out, i didn't think they were talking about pounds... (oh also, helping that process is the i-phone. many thanks to one ashley swapp who suggested this helpful app.)
  • i have 20 days left in country. 6 more working days. 4 days in portugal. and lots to explore london. 
  • just thinking about finding a job in new york stresses me out.  
  • we have ONE MORE visitor coming. i love visitors. 
  • my sister is posting pictures of the bebes on instagram and it warms my heart. 
    • i have packed and sent home 4 suitcases full of clothes, which i don't miss or really like. this affirms the theory that we only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time.  (in fact, i packed numerous items thinking - "maybe erica will want this...") 
    • we're going camping next weekend and i'm super excited. 
    • does your husband eat serving bowl size amounts of cereal?


    c a n d a c e said...

    Your writings make my heart happy. Thanks for sharing and I share your sadness in leaving London, however - New York will be a wonderful adventure :)

    nikki said...

    I'm kind of glad you are coming back because I like your face. And you can share your wardrobe castoffs with me any day.