Jul 9, 2011

be prepared

i'm sure the boyscouts were referring to:
  • strike-anywhere matches
  • a canteen full of water
  • knowledge about how to whittle your own arrow from a sapling to catch a bird in the event of starvation
but matt's eagle scout award didn't help us one bit for this surprise situation - a cryptic message from some of our best friends. "be ready at 7:30, dressed in your best, for a night on the town." we were in desperate need of something fabulous to wear, a collective sense of humor regarding the unknown, and though we didn't know at the time - table manners fit for a king!

what we did have:
  • at least modest knowledge of table etiquette (as not to offend the aristocratic Englishmen) 
  • a dress appropriate enough for london's most exclusive private club 
  • the best friends this pair of ex-pats could ask for 
kate & tim surprised us with the most fantastic evening at london's RAC.  five blissful hours of fine dining, club touring, and pretense pretending while rubbing elbows with the elite of England. we were on our best behavior ... 99% of the time...

the scenery.

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