Jul 4, 2011

gone with the wind.

kelsey and robby flew into town for a whirlwind weekend after their own italian adventure. 
and even though we didn't have them for long enough, we had a WONDERFUL time.

full of DELICIOUS food. 
(what did you expect from her.)
jamie olivers' italian. indian. gelato. chorizo. borough market street meat. ottolenghi.  
and diet coke.

lots of sightseeing...

in style...
(if you're in london, you MUST do a brake away bike tour)

and endless conversation (like 2am endless).
decor blogs. americana men's fashion. where to live in nyc. etc. etc.
we had SO MUCH fun, i wish you had come to visit too!


kimmy girl said...

what a dream visit! cant wait until this is transplanted to the big apple and we can add in the fun!

Kristen said...

You are an amazing host. You inspire me to do a better job myself!

I also use Kelsey's recipes for brownies everytime. She's a great cook!