Jul 4, 2011

for sale: london


we're liquidating and packing up.
if you know anyone in london interested in some furniture, email me [noelle.nicolai@gmail.com] we're selling:

1marks & spencer couch
2 marks & spencer arm chairs
1 gilt framed rectangle mirror
1 black and white striped ikea rug
1 antique buffet / entry table
2 ivory floor lamps
2 brass mantle lamps (with ivory / black shade)
2 ikea green velvet curtains
1 yew wood dining set with leaf and 6 chairs
1 ikea hemnes bookshelf
1 farmhouse dresser (no really, it's from an english farm house)
1 kitchen set (12 person dinnerware, pots/pans, utensils etc, glasses etc)
1 guest set (double high queen air mattress, 3-inch memory foam topper, sheets, quilt and pillows)
throw pillow inserts
sofa end tables

giving away:
pink laquer desk
pair of decor cork boards


You, Me and Little Mr. B. said...

So curious? What does it all mean? I hope things are going well for you and Matt. Darling furniture and what a designer you are! I'd love to hear what is new and what is happening!

Tanya said...

So, I was blog surfing my friend's blog the other day (the Laupers) and noticed a blog that was titled dear life in london. So I clicked on it because I was curious (I just moved to London from OC California) and it took me awhile while looking at your blog that we took a Communications class at BYU years ago. haha You probably don't remember me, (I was pregnant and super sick that semester) but we have lots of mutual friends. Kelsey Nixon (we were in Broadcasting together) and Candice Wheeler (her sister is my best friend). Anyways, it's a really small world. I have lots of friends who were in the Hyde Park Ward but we decided to move elsewhere in London. I normally don't do this but I thought I would say hi and that we know the same people and it has been fun catching up on your blog AND I'm bummed for you that you are moving away! I was also curious if you still have some of your furniture. I have been looking for a desk and corkboards...