Jun 26, 2011

rock bottom

clearly, i've hit rock bottom.
in an email from my sister:
"Can you believe you are one of those people who forwards cat videos? " 

but if you saw this cat video - and loved cuddling AND cats - wouldn't you send it around?  
it kills me. (stick with it at least 'til 36 seconds)


she kills me too. 

and if you really want to laugh / feel like a terrible person - watch THIS video! 

and to solidify this rock bottom status, keep your eyes out for more animal photos with cheesy captions, you are loved and must send to 15 people, and inspirational quotes with photos of nature emails - coming  to an inbox near you! 


Stephanie said...

Adam sends me an LOL Cats email everyday. It's totally messed up.

Alison said...

I only lasted 30 seconds of that cat video and I want it back...


nerak said...

the fainting goats one KILLED ME. and don't worry, i passed it on to my az friends. you're not the only one obsessed with animal vids.