Jun 25, 2011

Italian Adventures Part 3: R(h)ome

it didn't hit me until we landed BACK in london, that this trip would likely be my last to italy for the foreseeable future. touchdown = immediate melancholy. (followed by a day of mouth-stuffing, pajama-wearing mourning. oh, the pain of first-world problems!)

i just love it.
the way i love luci cat.
the way i love blue blanky.
and the way i love stellie buttons.

everything in rome is delightful.
luciano at the front desk is delightful.
pizza al taglio is delightful.
the breeze that breaks through the hot sun is delightful.
giuseppe in the breakfast room is delightful.
trastevere is delightful.
strolling through parks and napping on benches in delightful.
pistachio e cioccolato is delightful.
the cars, the scooters, the round abouts, the fountains, the buildings, the accents, the gritty streets, the ancient ruins, the lively music ... it's all delightful.

so we ended our trip meandering around the city in sheer delight. we even clocked a 12+ mile day bouncing from pizzerias and piazzas to ancient ruins and historical buildings.
i got my fix.
go get yours.

make a wish.


Rachel Ricchio said...

giolitti's is the BOMB!

nerak said...

i want to learn how you tile 4 photos like that in blogger.