May 25, 2011

i've been a little MIA

this is what happens when you don't feel well, shower before bed, and fall asleep with wet hair.

fevers. chills. sick stomach. headaches.
and more work than i could get done.

but the sickness is passing.
work will calm down after the event i've been planning (NEXT week.)
oh, and we decided a weekend in paris would be nice.


Anonymous said...

Totally just had that exact same illness. It was terrible but thankfully it only lasted just a few days and i feel soo much better. Hope you do too!

mandy said...

I'm sorry. I was also sick this month and if I would have taken a picture I would have been bra-less, makeup-less, not brushed my teeth and in my pajamas. Good thing it doesn't last forever. Take me to Paris please! Andrea is coming to see me Thursday, thanks for sending her my way!

Marci Joy said...

Get well soon!

angelique said...

when my hair was short and that "bed head" look was in, I would purposely wash it at night and sleep on it wet so it would do that