May 20, 2011

the beginning and the end

 yesterday began like this:

 blue skies and a stroll through hyde park. 

 fields of beautiful flowers.

and ended with a handful of these:

which attests to the kind of day it was. because i rarely (if ever) take ibuprofen. 
and never in quantities above 2. but i HAD to. 
it was just that kind of day. 


Rebecca Smylie said...

This is funny because I came to this blog straight from Erica's blog. And the two of you said exactly the opposite thing.

Kristen Joy Daniels-Wade said...

I love your layout. and I totally have those days here as well! I hope it got better!

Jenny said...

beautiful pictures...minus the ibuprofen. your comment on my blog made me laugh. sorry to hate on your favorite things, ha. you are so good at craigslisting! i think it's an actual skill that i lack. anyways, love hearing about your fun adventures in london.

Alison said...

no MORE THAN TWO? I pop those suckers in quantities of 4. And mix them. Lightweight :)