May 6, 2011

guess who's back?

regular, plain old noelle.
hip hip hooray.
no wheel-spinning or frustration today.
(not yet at least)

sometimes you just need a down day.
and sometimes emails and fb messages from friends and family members who are worried about arugula being the main source of happiness in your day make you think, it's not so bad. (just don't underestimate the power of growing your own arugula!)  so what if we have nowhere to live? maybe you will let us stay with you?

the sun is shining.
my arugula grew. (she's something else...)


it also might have something to do with the arrival of the swapps: 

it's time for our annual vacay. (except this time we're not taking time off, but we will get to see lots of them!) can't wait to have SO MUCH fun together. they're taking an eensy weensy nap right now, but in 43 minutes i'll go wake them up!

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L said...

Are they resting or sleeping??