May 6, 2011

sissy krissy

while we were in new york, matt's little sister kristin poppped in for a visit on her way home from DC. (hence: sissy krissy) it was so much fun to watch movies, go out in the city, and hang out in pleasantville together. admittedly, matt got a little more quality time than i did since i had to work, but they had a blast.

kris loves pancakes. (you'd be surprised how much)
she can walk forever and not get tired. (i wish i were that way)
she loves "the bebes" (that's what i call them) 
she managed a VERY loud Italian easter with our family superbly. 
and because of her virtual friendships we got to meet the cast of Wonderland after the show!

stella loved her too... i had to work 2 weeks for my first kiss. but kris, she got hers in 2 days.

they're both pretty freakin' cute. 
now we just have to convince both of them to come visit in london.


kristin said...

I had such a fund trip! Name a date to visit London and I'll look up flights! I'm serious.

Teri said...

They are both "pretty freakin cute!"