Apr 28, 2011

he's getting married in the morning...

ding dong the bells are gonna chime!
(any other showtunes fans out there?)

all of london was milling about in anticipation of the royal wedding, and we decided to join them.  we walked along the procession, stopped by buckingham, and tried to sneak a peak at the queen as she arrived at a dignitary dinner at the mandarin hotel.

word on the street is Wills showed up outside buckingham shortly after we left. (but it's a good thing we didn't see each other, i'd hate for him to cancel the wedding when millions of people are counting on him)

outside buckingham.


catching a glimpse of the fancies arriving at the party. 


we were there at 7:40.
noelle: do you want to stay and see if THE royals come?
matt: i don't know.
noelle: i have to get back for a call. and i doubt the queen is coming...

fast forward to 8:10 when noelle and matt are walking home through hyde park:

can't wait for our festivities tomorrow!

for better pictures and live coverage go here.

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J + M said...

ROYAL WEDDINGGGGGGGGGGG!!! Bah! I am dying that you are there right now :)