Apr 29, 2011


don't you love how wills was trying his best not to smile?
he seemed totally enamored. 

and could you believe some of those wedding hats? 1900 guests packed into westminster abbey to attend the royal wedding (which put cinderella and ariel's to SHAME). we watched the BBC coverage live from notting hill at our neighbors' flat. (which is AMAZING - maybe she'll let me give you a tour one day!) here's the darling table: 

and our darling friends: 

and my prince. 

soooooo ... the wedding...
  • kate and pipa need to eat. a lot. the protruding neck tendons and hip bones are dead giveaways they haven't eaten in WAY. TOO. LONG. (but yes, they did look beautiful)  
  • the bouquet and train were both WAY smaller than i thought.
  • every mormon girl is going to want that dress.
  • have you ever seen a waist so tiny? (on someone who is 5'10'') 
  • i just love harry - he was cracking jokes and laughing at every important moment. watch him as kate walks down the aisle, or prince william and katherine share their first kiss on the balcony. what a goof ball!
  • and how awkward was wills with the dress? wanting to help lift and make her comfortable but clearly SO out of his element. good thing they hire people for those jobs.
  • i know she was probably nervous and having a hard time breathing with her corset, but kate looked quasi miserable.
  • someone want to tell me why these newly-weds, who were riding around london in a REAL carriage escorted by fancy guards, with millions of people cheering them on  WEREN'T EVEN TOUCHING EACH OTHER. hello!?!?  hold a hand? wrap and arm around a waist? the world is watching. (though we did catch a quick lip read as kate climbed in the carriage and said "i'm so happy.") 
  • kind of hated the prince charlies & diana footage. bad omens on such a happy day. 
  • wish we could have footage of the after party. or live twitter feed of what they're thinking throughout the day. 
  • just can't wait for these 2 to have babies. 
they look like they are having MUCH more fun here. 


Marci said...

Seeing William so giddy was my favorite part. And all that bright red.

I LOVE her dress.

Katie said...

So jealous you were there for all the excitement! I love your hat.

And yes, babies please!

Rachel Hagen said...

I'm a Harry fan myself. So everything he does is so charming.
Bouquet was disappointing. I know she's a country girl, but come on!
Glad she didn't wear flowers in he hair.
The need to have babies ASAP. If her tny little frame can handle it...

Laura said...

I saw them holding hands briefly, with William rubbing her hand with his thumb (I rewound it twice just to make sure :o) ), while they drove into Whitehall (?? I think that is where it was??). No one but cameras there. But as soon as they were within sight of the public again, they were waving with both hands. Not sure why the Royal Family is so down on PDA's.