Feb 8, 2011

want to live here?

matt and i are heading back to the states for an extended vacation / job finding / newborn nephew visiting trip in april - and we'd really like to recover some rent while we're out of town.  if you've been wanting to come to london, come stay at our place! 

it looks a little like this: 

Available April 2-22 
(About $100 USD per night.)

Sleeps 4: 1 queen bed, 1 queen air mattress. 
Separate, fully-stocked kitchen, living room and dining area for 8. 

In safe and enchanting Notting Hill neighborhood with delicious places to eat, adorable shops only half a mile from Hyde Park and 2 minutes from Portobello Market - conveniently located on the Central Line, with easy access to all London sites. 

Email [noelle.nicolai@gmail.com] with questions.  

where you'll sleep:

portobello market is so close. 

 and the building is a lovely color:

[holiday rental in london]
[apartment rental in london]


Mrs. Dontje said...

ahhh! post this again when i dont already have travel plans. please!

Melinda said...

Super cute bedding! I remember when that Dwell set was at Anthro, but I had already purchased at set from there and wished I had waited.

scott and lindsey said...

Ooooooo I'd love to!!! Your room looks super adorable too! What is this about "job hunting" in the states?!

Melissa said...

You have no idea how bad I wish I could :(

Michelle said...

I so wish I could do this! Your bed looks so comfy!