Feb 5, 2011

cambridge - lilac rose

these boots were made for walkin' and that's just what we've done. this weekend we headed to cambridge with those generous house guests.

and stumbled into lilac rose [71 Bridge Street], an adorable anthro-esque boutique chocked full of goodies. i wanted one of everything they were selling...

but especially one of these: the cutest coin purse i ever did see.  white leather fashioned into a vintage envelope, complete with postage, air stamp and clever address: 
Save Your Pennies
4a Rainy Day

here's handsome outside his old stomping ground. [he studied at king's college in 2007. i got to visit him for a magical week of hand-holding, market strolling and quaint shop browsing. picture on right at king's college in 2007. oh to be tan (and skinny) again]


1 comment:

Chelsea said...

Where can I get that coin purse? I NEED IT! Did you end up getting it?