Feb 4, 2011

"Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage."

Oh what a wit that Shakespeare was.

Mr. Lybbert and I had the pleasure of laughing aloud as British A-list actor's performed in perfect old English. If you have some pennies to spare, Twelfth Night at The National Theatre, is worth all of them.

(And if you don't have pennies to spare, ask your fairy God mother for a pair of these afore-mentioned "way too generous house guests." They're spoiling us. ROTTEN.)


Rebecca Smylie said...

The imperial war museum was the first museum to elicit a physical response from me. The room with all of the shoes (am I remembering this correctly?) made me nauseous. It's the best Holocaust museum I've ever been to.

And the second best Shakespeare performance I've ever seen was 12th Night at the Globe. I wish I lived in London. My.

Trent & Brooke said...

love to hear about your adventures and the beauty/character/culture that is london!! (even though yes, the sun does forget to come out sometimes;)

what a wonderful experience!!

Whitney said...

We were the luckiest house guests ever. WE MISS YOU! Thanks for the great memories. xo