Feb 3, 2011

imperial war museum

we spent our saturday at the imperial war museum.
with more artifacts from the world wars than one could imagine. we saw the cards they played with, the canteens they drank from, they money they used, the cigarettes they smoked, the guns they fired, the letters they wrote home, the clothing they wore ...

(we even saw where they lived, as we walked through a replicated trench complete with gun fire and injured soldiers).

one of my favorite findings:
when appealing to the patriotic spirit didn't work...

emotional and social manipulation was employed.
(what will your friends think? what will your kids say?) 

on a more serious note, we're so grateful for every countryman who fought for our freedoms.


laura said...

LOVE the Imperial War Museum. The espionage/MI6 section was so cool, with the "high tech" gadgets they used for spying back during the World Wars. And of course, the Holocaust exhibit is just heartbreaking and emotionally draining. That pretty much requires a special trip.

nerak said...

Ooh, I want to go here.