Feb 10, 2011

things that make yo go "ooooooooh"

[still learning how to use my camera]

you know those little things in life that you make you happy?
like the tiny bubbles that pop and fizzle over the fresh glass of diet coke. or still cuddling up with your baby blanket every night. (what?)

i might be letting crazy out, but right at the top of that list is: travel size toiletries. [the nicer the hotel, the better]

thanks to my boss heather, and her posh south ken hotel,  i'm stocked for our upcoming weekend in barcelona. please tell me that toiletries make you happy too?!?!


Katie said...

Gah, I love hotel toiletries too! I stayed in a nice hotel in Tokyo with my sister (for her business trip) and they had this Aesop brand that's only sold in Asia & Australia (I think?) and is ridiculously expensive. You better believe I filled my bag with those tiny bottles every day! Two years later, I just ran out of the grapefruit-ish lotion. Ahh, the little things, I hear ya.

mandy said...

barcelona??? so jealous...make sure to go to the ramblas and get a shirt at desigual. go to Parc Guell for sure! Maybe you have already been, but I love Barc! St. Josephs Market (la boqueria) off the ramblas is a must...the juices are less expensive the farther you go into the market. and look for the naked tattooed man. HAVE FUN