Feb 12, 2011

New York Craigslist

it's no secret i'm a DIY addict. in the past 12 months, i've refurbished / reupholstered / repainted:
6 end tables
3 chairs
3 headboards
2 nightstands
2 desks
1 coffee table
and if i had my druthers, i'd NEVER stop.  i'd paint my heart out, just like kristen.

in fact, i have a handful of projects waiting for me back in the states for a little facelift.  [2 chairs and a dresser] yet still, i find myself scouring craigslist for steals and deals to make into something spectacular. (keep in mind you can almost always negotiate $25-50 off the asking price)

if i were in the new york area, i'd buy any and all of these:

this gorgeous antique desk and chair just needs some paint.

an amazing and colorful couch needs a home with personality. (stella's playroom?!?!)

this credenza has stolen my heart, i want to paint it red it honor of LGN. IT IS PERFECT. 


Stephanie said...

Can I hire you? Just to be my life consultant? You make DIY sound fun and easy. Can that be taught?

Teri said...

I want you to paint that credenza red and give it to me!