Feb 12, 2011

i'm a sugarbowl.

sometimes matt calls me pan, because i remind him of that spirited magical boy who existed in his own world. and also, because i have a tendency to stand like this ... a lot.

today peter pan was walking around portobello.
sipping hot chocolate (without coats and boots on!)
enjoying the sunshine.
and cycling through hyde park.

and pan wished it would never-ever-end.

(instead, this picture reminds me of the lesser-known 2nd verse of i'm a little teapot:
"i'm a little tea pot short and stout. 
here is my handle... 
here is my.... 
(teapot realizes there is no spout, just another handle)
i'll be damned, i'm a sugarbowl!


Sara Jane said...

You are killing me!

mratelle said...

when i was little i didn't know that peter pan in the play was a chick... i told my mom "there's something wrong with that dude..." i'd never seen a boy walk like that...