Feb 11, 2011


nothing better than a DIY project. and no one better to copy than jenny over at LGN. a year later and i'm still endlessly inspired by her weekend office makeover. (that red credenza gets me EVERY TIME) today, i threw together a few cork boards for our entryway. (entryway - long narrow hallway our front door opens into)

best tutorial here.

rotary cutter / scissors
fabric glue / hot glue / spray glue
paint & brush
cork board
trim (i didn't do this part yet)

seriously, crafts are cathartic.


Allison and Noah Riley said...
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Allison and Noah Riley said...

It's not that I'm regret saying what I just said - it's just that it's less of a shock filled moment :). You see, I didn't pay enough attention to whose blog popped up in my reader and I thought it was an old friend from SLC. Still awesome that Jenny's in our ward - but perhaps less "what the what?!" since you probably already knew that :).

The cork boards are beautiful. Big fan!

noelle regina said...

jenny is in your ward?!?!?! will you tell her you slept on the air mattress of her BIGGEST FAN?!!?!?!?

i heart her.
probably too much.

E.F.G. said...

the poppy paint with that print is tres appealing! i can't believe you already made these though. dang, you work quick. stella and brother will have very similar ones comes march.

i'm not a design blog junkie like you so keep sending/posting links to the good stuff.

Jenny said...

yours are cuter than the tutorial for sure!