Dec 12, 2010

favorite things

sparkling pink tutus and sugarplum fairies.
ballanchine dancers who make Christmas merry.
nut-cracking heros and dangerous mice kings,
these are a few of my FAVORITE things.

In the words of my favorite jew, Tevye, we're keeping our "traditions."
On Friday we hummed along to the Russian Dance, Waltz of the Flowers and the Sugarplum Fairy Pas-de-deux.
[Thanks Neil and Jess for suggesting we get tickets]

photos of the Nutcracker performance were STRICTLY prohibited.
and you know how brits are with their rules.
but the venue was FANTASTIC.

the lybberts love christmas time. (which also happens to be birthday time.)


Rebecca Smylie said...

I love your dress Noelle. This makes me jealous. We were in NY last weekend and almost went to see it, but then remembered we have a six-week old who doesn't know how to take a bottle. The way children ruin one's life...

Marci Joy said...

I'm really jealous.

And I second the love for your dress.