Dec 13, 2010

unsolicited advice - for what its worth.

what could "not-yet marrieds" know before they're married, so they can stay that way?

i ran into a friend from college this weekend. such a pleasant surprise to randomly see her. i'd heard 2 things about her since we lost touch a few years back:

1. she got married.
2. she moved to europe.

only one of those things is true now.

in my infinite wedded wisdom (this part is a joke) i have some words of advice to any not-yet-married that will listen (this part is NOT a joke) ...

properly vet a potential husband.

take him home.
(if your mother doesn't like him, there is a GOOD reason)
get in a fight with him.
and resolve it.
get lost when you're late to something important.
don't take your midol. see what happens.
give it time.
don't love "potential."
and ask yourself if he yells, lies, or isn't romantic as a boyfriend won't he be an angry sneak of a husband that doesn't show affection?

he won't do everything right. BUT if he tries, it's a real good sign.

as the friend of many an under-30 divorcee, i just dont want anyone to be sad.


Liz said...

Does he open doors/hold doors even when it's freezing cold outside and you are taking your sweet time to sit in the car.

Seriously, chivalry is never dead.

Jylare Smith said...

This is wise.

Anonymous said...

Really good advice.

Liz said...

Seriously, listen to the mom. Moms are never wrong. Mine correctly predicted how every one of my relationships, including the ultimate one. :-)

Michelle Lea said...

Good advice. I also lived with 2 the 2 men I thought I would marry. I realized I couldn't live with the 1st. I married the 2nd.