Nov 23, 2010

paris recap

we LOVE paris.
matt wants to go back quarterly.
it's beautiful. charming. exciting. inviting. chocked full of delicious food. historical. modern. stunning.

in case you're heading to the "city of lights" we loved:

- croissants at any and EVERY boulangerie

- Cafe Constant on Via Saint Dominique and its neighbor Les Cocottes. AMAZING food, the likes I've which this little tongue has never experienced before, and also well priced. (dinner for 2 is well under 50 euros). make a reservation or go for lunch cause the wait will be about an hour and WORTH it

- Discover Walks free walking tours. Starting at Notre Dame, a local takes you around the church, left bank or right bank. we did 2 of the 3 and really enjoyed them. free is slightly misleading, as everyone typically gives them a good tip but still less than other tour tickets.

- Berthillon, famous for their delicious sorbets, just around the corner from Notre Dame on Rue St. Louis en l'ile.

- Picnic outside the Louvre

- Matteo et Paola, 20 Rue Cherche Midi. (just down the street from stephmodo's favorite bakery, which was ALSO delish) we didn't have time to wait this one out, but it's on my hit list for our return.


Rebecca Smylie said...

So will you ever come back to America? I mean, what's your incentive? Thank goodness for Stella?

Alexandra said...

I really like how Dear Life has turned into a NY-London-Paris GOOP, but more wittily written. love it.