Nov 21, 2010

dear diary

if angelique and erica had kept one (or if they had kept it somewhere i could find it. and trust me, i looked) i certainly would have read it. and so for all the other noelles out there, here's a peak into my journal, "my life in london," the paris chapters.

on food:
"tonight we dined on the MOST exquisite food - artichoke heart salad with mushrooms, shallots and a salty vinegarette, savory pumpkin soup with chestnuts, tender duck with creamy potato pie and crispy baked apples - at Cafe Constant. the experience exposed 2 basic truths in french culture.

1. the french are masters of the culinary world.
2. the french are utter failures re: punctuality.

our "25 minute wait" was 1 hour+, but the former made the latter worth every second.

p.s. we must have walked 7 miles today. i ate 4 croissants. i hope i'm breaking even."

on our experiences:
"no initials inscribed on the signet. he wreaked of alcohol. and after trying it on to show it didn't fit, he insisted matt take the gold ring he stumbled upon. i learned that $100 lesson watching 3-card monte in chinatown (don't ask how watching cost me $100). i'll be damned before i'm scammed again. if he had just asked for money, i would have given it to him. what about me says SUCKER? i think i smile too much ...

i speak for all tourists when i say : we despise having mini eiffel towers and plastic toys forced on us at every major landmark from bologna to berlin. i see eyes roll , paces quicken or flat out rejection. but at the very least these men are working, not scamming, not stealing, and i admire that honesty."

on musee d'orsay:
"4 splendid hours in the musee d'orsay. van goghs. bonnards. cezannes. i could rob the place blind. i want it all, and that pretty clock too ... we spent a good amount of time in salon de the' with glittering chandeliers, gilded ceilings, an impressive view of the seine and heart-warming hot chocolate. c'est mon vie. (at least aujourd'hui)"

[pictures coming. up top, i'm checking out the ballroom at the musee d'orsay for our 25th wedding anniversary. you're invited.]

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kristin said...

Did the guy with the ring approach you in the park between the Louvre and Champs Elysees? Caitlin and I were resting on a bench last year when someone tried the same thing. "I found this gold ring, is it yours?" Then he would not leave us alone. We finally had to leave.