Nov 26, 2010


i kept a secret for a long time.
and i'm pretty proud of myself.

on wednesday, i snuck home from london and surprised the family for Thanksgiving.
when i jumped out of the closet, dad's face and temporary shock had me fearing a coronary assault, but he came around!

but matt couldn't come.
and sometimes when i can't see him, i look through our old photos.
and then i laugh.

cause he's a pretty smart guy.
but sometimes, he does does not so smart things...
like pull the tail of a hot and cranky tiger (and pretend to sing into it like a microphone!)

1 comment:

Marci Joy said...

Hooray! And I do hope that Erica told you about the squeals of delight from the YW when she announced she was picking you up from the airport. Will we see you? (Pretty please)?