Sep 27, 2010


there were approximately...

29 tears shed
15 text messages exchanged
7 emails
4 random apartments knocked on
2 van rentals and unsuccessful pick-up trips
1 dirty rotten liar
0 successful sofa purchases

BUT it has been resolved! oh how i love ebay. within 24 hours of finding a gorgeous M&S couch and 2 comfy chairs on ebay for 80% off MSRP, they were loaded on a truck and are currently en route to our place. ETA tomorrow afternoon.

(we drove to pick up our sofa this weekend and the woman pretended not to be home, despite texting us 45 minutes prior saying to come and get it. her husband refused to open the door and acted as though it wasn't their flat or their couch we were after ... though the neighbor's told us otherwise. we got a text after saying "my husband sold the couch while i was out running an errand." SERIOUSLY? this unfruitful couch hunt had me questioning whether or not my luck had run out - for the past 26+ years it's been a real charmed existence, and i feared the reservoir of good luck was empty ... until i found my dream fabric AND some great furniture on ebay)

now i need your help ... should i decorate using:
1) the chiang mai fabric i'm snagging off of ebay (it can always be saved for a later project. and i feel like maybe it's been overdone in the design world?)

2) this gorgeous color palette - black, cream, gold, aqua with splashes of pink?

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Shea McGee said...

Get the Chiang Mai - it's beautiful fabric in person, but don't decorate around it...just use it for pillows that you can switch in and out whenever you feel like it. Just my opinion... And yes, pictures will be coming soon - I just used the fabric for pillows as well be cause I had your same concerns. xo