Oct 6, 2010

at long last...

i'm back. with lots going on here in londy town, and little internet connectivity til recently, dear life hasn't gotten a letter in much too long.

1. we have internet! aka LET THERE BE LIGHT. i've already hit ebay.co.uk up for a porcelain lamp. sofa. 2 armchairs. fabric for pillows. sideboard. and i'm watching approx 57 other items.

2. our boxes came at long last.

3. i got a new british do at the toni & guy academy.

they told me this cut was "current" and "french," of which i am neither. (evident by the failed attempt at a "current" photo of said haircut) but it was only 5 pounds, and i like it.
if you're in londy and need a good cheap cut, try it out.

Toni & Guy Academy
71-75 New Oxford St
London WC1A1DG
020 7836 0606

(if you're not in London, and need a haircut in SLC - CALL MANDY. the instructors at the school could not stop raving about my previous cut "perfectly blended" "bitty and light" ... she's fabulous and fabulously priced. a combo that's hard to beat. 801.201.6504)

4. i went to mass at westminster

5. we went to dinner with our new friends whom we quite like. kate and i worked together in nyc. our husbands are economists. we worry about terrorism. they tell us we'll be fine. we eat lots of hummus. they talk lots of politics. it's worked out well for us so far.

6. i'm still wearing my green cargo jacket EVERYWHERE. even though my coats came.

7. matt is still on his iphone EVERY. SPARE. SECOND.

8. we have LOTS of fun visitors coming this month. first the rileys, then the earls.
when are YOU coming?

9. and we recently found out the Nicolai family vacay in 2011 will be in sunny ARUBA. just what our pasty english bodies will need - a little post winter sunshine. i am thrilled.

that's all for now.


Allison and Noah Riley said...

Woo! Can't wait!

emilyhutchison said...

I love that Myspace style haircut photo. And I love that advertising for Mandy, who is the best hair stylist in the SLC area. I also like the green jacket, so keep that up. I need to find some money so i could come to London. When I do make it to London I'm going to need you to take me clubbing.

E.F.G. said...

on #2 you forgot to give proper recognition to the woman who found the appropriate size shipping boxes, repacked your belongings, and got it in the mail.

just saying.

and really, your haircut is darling. as is the cargo jacket. well done, gap.

Jana said...

The haircut is so pretty! So fresh. I love it.

mandy said...

thanks for the nice words about me! Your haircut looks great! I need to save my dollars and bring my scissors to london!

Sara Jane said...

Dying over your new trimmy-trim! you are so gorgeous! I miss you! I hope you are eating lots of flap-jacks from Boots for me! xoxo

Trent & Brooke said...

noelle- i love hearing about your london adventures! doing things like that {aka living in a foreign place etc} presents so many challenges but also so many rewards! so good for you guys!
i would love to come visit if only we had the funds...that place is one of my favorite in the whole world!