Aug 10, 2010

winner winner chicken dinner

remember that song from "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" - about the paris original?

thanks to e-bay, it's "all paid for and mine."

Christian LaCroix Vintage Polka Dot Blouse

now i need the advice of fashion mavens (like her or her), or anyone who has an opinion really ...

if i were going for a bold pattern on pattern look (which i am), which skirt would that blouse look best tucked into?




for the record, i think A - blues are a better match - but i'm entirely blinded by my love for B - it is GORGEOUS.

yes. i should be packing. i just can't do it anymore...


Tim and Sara said...

You should check out "My Grandma's Closet" on Etsy if you haven't already. I'm getting excited for you, for your move!

Marci Joy said...

Ha ha - you are too nice.

Congrats! What a gorgeous top. So many options. Would be so cute with high-waisted trousers for the fall too.

I'm drawn to the first one, but I think it would work with the second one too.

Ashley said...

LOL. First one for sure. I like the second one but probably not with that top.

P.S. I am in no way qualified to give fashion advice :)

rubi said...

so jealous!
i want that should be a personal shopper. seriously and decorator and party planner and everything.

wear it with both skirts!

Shea McGee said...

Wear it with the 1st skirt, but buy the 2nd one anyways.

Teri said...

I agree with Shea...where did we see that original picture anyway?

kristin said...

I think the patterns of the top skirt and the blouse work well but I don't think the shapes will work well. The top and skirt are both so flow-y that you will lack shape. I suggest something more structured on the bottom to give the outfit shape.

But, then again, I am probably wrong. You dress far better and more daring with prints and styles than I do.