Aug 12, 2010

moving update

[because our mother's want to know - and some of them don't answer their cell phones (cough cough ALLENE) not that i can blame her, i never answer mine]

3 strapping young men
2 este's pizza
1 long night of packing
and we're almost on our way.

after much deliberation, we're leaving Friday morning - so we have time to clean and get everything together without feeling rushed.

scheduled stops
(subject to change based on tiredness of drivers)

1. denver
2. chicago
3. new york

this 26-footer is a BEAUTY, albeit IMPOSSIBLE to drive.
did i mention KIMMY & CHRIS are moving to NY? we are SO very excited, because it's closer to London.


Alison said...


The Butlers said...

Have a safe trip and don't forget all of us back in the land of salt and Zion! Keep us updated on your big adventure. Great to see you yesterday! Bon Voyage!

Tim and Sara said...

Whoa wait, how did Albuquerque not get on the approved stops list? :) Best of luck. Just thinking about moving makes me feel itchy...I hate it.