Aug 14, 2010

x country

- our truck can only go 35 mph uphill
- but montanna was one LONG hill
- i ate 2 lbs of cherries. and maybe a whopper jr. with cheese.
- i'm somewhere in the middle of america
- and moses sent the locusts - they're EVERYWHERE.
- it's 3:00 am and i'm still awake, breakfast ends at 10 - which means sleep won't really happen
- but i do have the CUTEST NIECE EVER.

i might like stella more than luci cat.
that's a lot.

matt says cleveland.
noelle says chicago.


Marci Joy said...

Good luck!

E.F.G. said...

those hills'll set you back. turns out, other than nebraska, america is pretty hilly.

stella can't wait. her parents can't wait either.

scott and lindsey said...

so glad you are on your way! Hope the trip is going well and that you made it to chicago ;)

siovhan said...

you have so so many adventures.
i'm so excited to read as you continue on even more.