Aug 10, 2010


dear skinny minis,

forgive me.

looking over anthro's sale (and loving a few things) i came across this product review:

"This is a classic cardigan, styled like a Chanel jacket. The cotton is very thin and soft, which I like for Summer. [blah blah blah- get to the part that caught my attention] Won't go out of style anytime soon. I'm 5'8", 115 lbs. and ordered the XS. The jacket is cropped, but not ridiculously so."

then anthro asks me, "was this review helpful?"

if by helpful they mean ...
"does this review make you think you must be carrying an invisible bag of bricks around with you? that probably increases right before you get on the scale..."

or maybe...

"did a product review from someone who looks good in anything, but especially bikinis, make you think this sweater might not be for you?"


5'8'' and 115 lbs? I'm pretty sure i snapped a green bean that size in half for dinner the other night. but i still like the sweater.


E.F.G. said...

and to think i thought the post would be about that picture! maybe the reviewer recently lost weight and needed a venue to advertise her new XS status.

laura said...

Ugh. One of my roommates is 5'6" and currently weighs in at 110. I'm just glad she's getting married soon so she can stop coming in to use the scale in my bedroom and then complain about how the size XS dress she bought is too baggy on her. Meanwhile I am sitting on my bed eating Phish Food and watching Bachelor Pad, which I think is way more fun.

Whitney said...

I was totally the one who left that original comment on Anthro by the way - since I too am 5'8" and weigh 115lbs. Hilarious. The image you paired with this post is priceless.