Jun 4, 2010

why you haven't heard from me...

(or alternate title: why you did hear from me, and then i promptly deleted it.)
birth control (for the afore mentioned skin problems) has made me certifiably insane. i cry at least once a day - including at the lunch table or my desk and almost always with matt at home. i swing from devastated in pathetic puddle on the floor to enraged and can't be reasoned with, in a matter of minutes. in a word, i've been difficult. (and that's being conservative)
and what's worse - i can recognize the lack of emotional control when i'm in the moment, but i can not stop it. remind me again why people like to do drugs?
so, on the long list of things to do to get rid of acne, i'm having to cross this one off - AGAIN.
so long.


Natasha said...

I'm sorry about your problems with birth control! Here's a suggestion that has relly helped with my acne. I use Oxy face wash and then Stridex medicated pads twice a day. Together they really seem to keep the acne under control. Good luck! (I can't remember how I found your blog, but I hope you don't mind me commenting).

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Funny that of all posts, this one compelled me to comment. But I have to say it - aMEN, sister. I was a wreck on the ol' pill. I'm just like you - I hated the idea that I was emotional and knew it was irrational and I couldn't help it. And, appropriately, it was just as we were married, so Noah had this weepy new bride every few weeks and probably worried about the whole eternal commitment he'd just made. Good times, that birth control.

Amanda said...

boo. on to the next fix! i hope that it works :).

Brad and Danielle said...

I'm so sorry to tell you this, but that is EXACTLY what being pregnant is like. There were some times that I felt and acted fairly normal - this person Brad dubbed "Wifey." Then there were times that I was crazy, insane, irrational, overly emotional, practically bi-polar - this person Brad dubbed (so lovingly, because there are 100 other names he could have picked instead, some of them swears) "Pregnant Wifey." Pregnant wifey - not to be reasoned with or shushed. Never to be told she's being irrational, and never EVER called Pregnant Wifey to her face. Fortunately, Pregnant Wifey is only a temporary addition to the family. :)

Good luck! Miss you! Can't wait for July!