Jun 4, 2010


dear shea. ashley. erica. ssonk. kimmy. emily. alison. and countless others ...

PLEASE for the sake of my professional productivity - update your blogs.
you owe me:
after pictures of the office.
home updates.
stella photos.
a european itinerary.
something other than recipe cards (though they are cute).
a clue that you're alive.
MORE pictures of the chickens.
20-1 noelle

ever have a to do list you just DONT WANT TO DO?
terrible tasks you're hoping magically disappear?

like maybe on your "clean the house" to do list, mental or written:
  1. you make the bed. (low-hanging fruit)
  2. you unload the dishwasher (not too bad)
  3. you take out the trash.
  4. wipe off the counters.
  5. put all the shoes back in the basket.
  6. organize the desk.
  7. ANYTHING YOU CAN DO but scrub the kitchen floor?because you JUST DONT WANT TO?

well, sometimes when i'm faced with a project of the professional sort that i can't bring myself to do - a "to do" that i want to don't - i follow the 20 -1 rule.

20 minutes of "to do."
1 reward- blog check.
20 minutes of "to do."
1 reward- blog check. .

for the sake of my 20-1 , please KEEP BLOGGING.


the swapps said...

bahaha! i am dying right now!!! some days, i am over blogging. but i REALLY like reading yours. don't be mad!

Shea McGee said...

I'm waiting for the office chairs - they're on back order...pics will be posted as soon as they arrive!

Stephanie said...