Jun 4, 2010

the funnest brothers around

i just went through approximately 700 photos of this day.
[don't ask why]

and found this one.

Francesco and Fortunato.
The Nicolai brothers know how to throw a party.
And enjoy one.

hard to believe it's been almost 2 years...


lybberty said...

I read the post title and thought this was going to be about Matt & me.

Yes, I'm a narcissist.

That said, I'm happy to read about the Nicolai brothers.

Really is hard to believe it's almost been two years.

E.F.G. said...

i want a copy. nope. make that, i need a copy! you did have a fun wedding.

Teri said...

I thought the same as lybberty...nice to know about other "fun brothers"!

The Mendenhall Clan said...

i know why u went thru 700 photos!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

Stephanie said...

Jake - c'mon, it says "funnest." You and Matt might get other shout outs, like for being really great skiers or your ability to pontificate, but not for being the funnest.