Jun 1, 2010

uncle matt

uncle matt is smitten.

so is Poppy.
[stella at her first Yankees game]


E.F.G. said...

so is aunt noelle...how did we not get a picture?! do you have one on your camera?

Jordan and Candice said...

When I saw you on Sunday, I forgot to tell you a dream I had the night before about you. You had an adorable baby boy who smiled all the time and had extremely olive skin.

This dream was for real. I was so excited to see you guys on Sunday which is probably why I dreamed about it.

noelle regina said...

oh no. a boy?
well at least he had olive skin!

so good to see you too. xoxo

Lindsey. said...

awwwww...i'm so glad you got to go to NY and hang with the little niece. ;) She is a cutie! Looks good in Matts arms too ;) Miss you guys!

lybberty said...

Uncle Jake is jealous