Jan 25, 2010

we are showshoers

yes billy,
this is what married people do.

the buy gear with their dual-incomes
start new hobbies
and meet up with other marrieds

we hiked donut falls with some friends.
  • billy falling into the river through 4 feet of snow
  • tom's avalanche (named for him because it was inches from burying him)

we are officially SNOWSHOERS.


Jordan and Candice said...

This looks amazing. I want me some snowshoes and mountains right now.

Laura said...

It seems like snowshoeing would be excellent exercise. Are you sore?

Amy W. said...

Sensational crew. I've got to find me a steady just so I can hang with these duos!

noelle regina said...

not sore at all.
but it got my heart rate up. you burn about 400 cals/ hr.

we heart it

Shannon Ellis said...

You guys make snow shoeing look fun :)

E.F.G. said...

you have season 3...plesae send it! i would be eternally grateful. also, i should have told you prior but we sent your season 1 and 2 to the gardners. they got hooked with us (just from the first 5 episodes) over christmas.

btw, the snowshoeing looks amazing. here's to weekends!

Teri said...

Glad those shoes are getting some use!